University of Novi Sad and Innovation Fund sign Memorandum of understanding

Posted in: News- May 31, 2016

Belgrade, 31 May 2016 – With the signing of a memorandum of understanding yesterday,  the University of Novi Sad now officially joined the TTF Program.

The Program is a pilot activity designed to support the scientific research community in Serbia by offering  support to researchers in finding partners in the commercial sector to develop research with commercial potential and place their innovations on the market.

The Fund has recently signed a similar cooperation agreement with the University of Belgrade.

The Memorandum with the University of Novi Sad was signed by Rector prof. Dušan Nikolić PhD and interim managing director of the Innovations Fund Ivan Rakonjac.

The TTF Program also provides financial support in the total amount of EUR 300,000 – up to EUR 10,000 per selected project – for funding the proof of commercial readiness. These funds will be accessible for the University and its members through the Danube Centre for Transfer of Technology, University of Novi Sad.

This program is part of the EUR 6.9 million Serbia Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer Project, which is financed by the European Union from its IPA pre-accession funds in the amount of EUR 4.9 million, and co-financed by the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian private sector in the amount of EUR 1 million each. It is implemented by the Innovation Fund in cooperation with the World Bank.