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A specialized unit operating within the Innovation Fund, the Technology Transfer Facility (TTF) has a dual mandate:

1. To demonstrate that commercialization of inventions arising from Serbian public R&D institutions are possible;
2. To build capacities of Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) of Serbia’s four leading universities by providing them with hands-on experience in technology transfer and commercialization process, from the initial disclosure until deal closing;
The mandate of the TTF is fulfilled through its pilot TTF Program – a support program designed for the R&D community in Serbia. The TTF will help local TTOs and other R&D organizations to identify research with commercial potential and focus on the transactional aspect of technology transfer. To that end, the TTF will deploy the following Service lines:
· Eliciting disclosures from researchers
· Screening technology commercial readiness (Triage),
· Funding the proof of commercial readiness activities to move the technology closer to the required technology readiness levels (financial support in maximum amount of EUR 50.000)
· Determining commercialization strategy and tactics, including the need for additional commercial readiness funding either from IF funds or externally
· Executing the commercialization strategy and tactics
· Identifying potential commercialization partners
· Negotiating and closing transactions (contracting) with such partners
· Monitoring and follow-up of further commercialization tactics
· Other relevant services such as Contract research, Service contracts for industry, IP landscape analysis, etc.
Besides providing commercialization support to academic and non-academic R&D institutions and private sector companies, the TTF can provide financial support to selected innovative projects coming from public academic R&D institutions in order to bring these projects to a higher commercialization readiness level. This financial support the TTF can grant is up to EUR 50,000 per awarded project, and the funds would be used to purchase goods and services necessary for finalizing additional R&D activities which would boost the project’s commercial readiness. Grants above EUR 20.000 will be awarded only if there is a commercial parter willing to commercialize the invention from the application, who will co-finance at least 30% of the development activities proposed by the Applicant.
For more information about the TTF Program, please read our Guidelines for Applicants.
To apply for TTF services, please register on the TTF Portal.
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