Tajfun HIL WebLab World’s First Online Laboratory for Testing Power Systems of the Future

Posted in: News- Apr 06, 2015

Through the Innovation Fund Matching Grant Program, the company Tajfun HIL d.o.o. from Novi Sad has developed and brought to market the first online controller testing laboratory based on the innovative, HIL (hardware in the loop) platform which was developed in-house.

WebLab, or the cloud solution, represents a new stage in Tajfun HIL’s expansion of its product range, which is in synergy with the latest world trends in the field of information and communication technologies and which simultaneously represents a means to quench the growing worldwide thirst for Tajfun HIL’s technology.

The burgeoning demand for Tajfun HIL’s technology is a global phenomenon resulting from rapid modernization of the existing power production and distribution systems, largely due to the dynamic development of renewable energy sources and their grid integration. As Tajfun HIL’s technology has proven itself to be irreplaceable in the field of testing PV and wind energy converters, there is a growing expectation for this technology to provide answers to the questions posed by integration of the renewable energy sources into the modern power grid, since the sheer number of inverters as well as their complexity are constantly increasing. Therein also lies a tremendous opportunity for the company’s growth and development, as well as an opportunity for creating a great number of job openings for domestic experts in the fields of power electronics, electronics and IT.

One of the strongest points of Tajfun HIL’s technology is its innovativeness, while the strongest points of the Tajfun HIL company are its strong market orientation, its high quality solutions and services, as well as the ease of use of its products. Tajfun HIL’s experts are active in North America, Europe and Asia markets, where their expertise helps their respective clients make huge savings and simultaneously speed up and simplify modernization of their power converters and distribution infrastructure.

In its ambitious global growth strategy, the Tajfun HIL company sees the WebLab technology as its key component. On the one hand, the WebLab technology enables power engineers and power electronics engineers to gain access to Tajfun HIL’s products and technologies in the earliest stages of their workflow, while, on the other hand, it opens up a whole new range of possibilities for developing business models based on cloud technologies, which enable an unlimited approach to global markets.