Sweet cabbage from Serbia ready for international markets

Posted in: News- May 18, 2017

Assorted cabbage heads labeled during the selection process.

Smederevska Palanka, May 16, 2017 – A new variety of cabbage is the subject of cooperation agreement between the Innovation Fund and the Institute for of Vegetable Crops in Smederevska Palanka. The contract was signed as part of the TTF Program with the aim of the protection and commercialization of this new variety.

This is the third innovative project supported by the Fund under the TTF Program – apart from argon wine-saver project, developed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, and application for fruit growers from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak.

The cabbage, created by the Institute’s team through years-long selection process, is characterized by high sugar content – as much as 9.6%, compared to the world average of 3.8-4.2%. It is excellent for pickling and has longer shelf life. Because of the rosette which grows upward, it is suitable for production at a density of up to 40,000 plants per hectare – compared to the usual 30,000 – in very intensive production conditions, with a yield potential of 72 tons per hectare.

Team of the Institute and the IF following the signing: from left to right – dr Slađan Adzic, co-author Dr. Zdenka Guirec, advisor to the Program TTF John Fraser, Director of the Institute Dr. Bogoljub Zecevic, IF Interim Managing Director Dr Ivan Rakonjac, TTF Program Coordinator Mlađan Stojanović, and co-author Dr. Suzana Pavlović.

The fund will help the Institute commercialize this new variety. Furthermore, its EUR 11,400 grant will help the Institute get IP protection and local and Eu registration, as well as additional equipment needed for the final stage of selection. Moreover, the Fund has identified several international seed companies that have expressed interest in spreading Serbian sweet cabbage around the world.

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