“Smarting” the Best Technological Innovation in the year 2013th

Posted in: News- Jan 20, 2014

The winner of the best technological innovation in Serbia in 2013th is team “Brainiacs” with their innovation “Smarting”. Project “Smarting” is one of the projects financed under the Innovation Fund MINI GRANTS Program. Primary focus of the project is on building a fully mobile smartphone-steered system to assist in home-based neuro-feedback training and neuro-rehabilitation treatment in a number of brain related disorders.

The goal of this competition for the best technological innovation is to promote the entrepreneurial climate in Serbia and to assist potential and existing high-tech entrepreneurs. A series of trainings that are followed by several rounds of elimination, try to challenge any part of the plan and show the difference between the idea and the implemented innovation that is market-valued. Out of 130 teams that have been registered, they’ve managed to get into the top 6 and win. In these finals, ninth in a row, there were six innovations within these areas presented: information and communication technologies, mechanical engineering, agriculture and water technologies.

The final was broadcasted live on RTS 2, and the Commission, that was composed of experts from academic institutions, ministers and prominent experts in the business world. In addition to the prize they received, they had the opportunity, after the competition, to go to various radio and TV shows and in such way, increase the visibility and further promote entrepreneurship. At the same time they are promoting their product and the field of neuroscience in Serbia.