Robot From Niš Delighted the AUTOMATICA 2014 Visitors in Munich

Posted in: News- Jun 27, 2014

Morena inženjering has presented its prototype of a multipurpose mobile robot named “Cassius” at AUTOMATICA 2014 fair held in Munich. Cassius was born as an idea and a project of Morena’s CEO, Mr. Nikola Petrović and its primary function is maintenance of tennis courts made of clay by straightening the court’s surface and sweeping up the lines on it. The main problem with mobile robots is determining their own position and self-localization in space. Unlike the existing robots that “find their way around” using laser scanners and other expensive equipment, Morena’s patented technology embedded in Cassius enables its orientation on tennis court by visually detecting the court’s lines and net. The project is financed by the Innovation Fund, within Innovation Serbia Project funded by EU IPA I 2011 and administered by the World Bank.

Morena began with intense investments in robotics two years ago. “Cassius” project has started a year ago and there are 8 engineers from Morena who are working on it. Furthermore, two companies from Niš, TNG and Mehatronika (Mechatronics), have provided their support in terms of designing and manufacturing the mechanical parts of the robot.

The largest number of exhibitors on AUTOMATICA 2014 fair were companies with large budgets whose primary engagements in the past few decades were in the area of industrial robotics. As the only presenter not only from Serbia, but from the whole Balkans, Morena initially evoked the patronage of sympathy. Nevertheless, the situation changed after only a few live demonstrations in the “Demo Show Arena”. While some robots from well-known manufacturers had malfunctioned, Cassius was able to robustly and accurately carry out the given tasks, which made visitors and engineering teams from other companies visit Morena’s booth to learn about the applied technology and algorithms. In addition to the expected interest of tennis fans, potential investors had visited Morena’s booth and showed their interest for various applications that mobile robots have, which led to current business negotiations.

Morena inženjering is one of the long-lasting IT companies in Niš that has been continually working since 1992. At this moment Morena employs 17 engineers. For its Canadian and U.S. partners Morena has been developing software in the field of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, social networking and mobile applications. In Serbia and Montenegro Morena is one of the leading software solution providers of hospitality services, transport operations and food production.