mBrainTrain Is Developing Stroke Rehab System

Posted in: News- Oct 14, 2013

„Smarting – EEG walks you home“ Project includes the development of SMARTING system, consisting of hardware – amplifier of brain signals – and software for their recording and processing on a computer, Android smartphone or tablet.

The primary use of this system is in the field of rehabilitation of stroke patients through the so-called serious gaming.

After months of work on the development of hardware, thanks to the financial support of the Innovation Fund, mBrainTrain can now offer their miniature amplifier to the market. The size and weight of the device, and the way in which data is transmitted between the amplifier and reading device make this product fully mobile. Its competitive advantages include the quality of the recorded signals and the number of recording channels (24).

mBrainTrain is now focusing on the improvement of software for allowing the communication between the hardware and devices for presentation of brain signals. The current version of the software is primarily intended for cognitive psychology and neuro-rehab research centers, as well as educational institutions, since it enables testing, as part of the now popular neurofeedback method.

mBrainTrain team will improve the software so it can be easily modified to customer needs, as well as to expand customer network to stroke rehabilitation and coma recovery centers.