KreativTeh participated in “Startup Battle of the Cities” event in Germany

Posted in: News- Oct 21, 2013

KreativTeh participated in “Startup Battle of the Cities” event in Germany

KreativTeh was the only company from Serbia to participate on this year’s prestigious competition “Startup Battle of the Cities”, on October 11-12 in Vallendar, Germany.

The company’s representative Marijana Ljubenovic presented KreatiTeh’s projects and business environment for the development of innovative start-up companies in Belgrade in front of an audience made of entrepreneurs, investors and students.

KreativTeh is a spin-off company from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, developing new biomedical products for the treatment of deep and superficial wounds under the Nanoaktiv Wound Dressings project.

This project is the result of long-time collaboration between University professors Bojan Obradovic and Vesna Miskovic-Stankovic. Nanoactiv Wound Dressings are new biomedical products based on the alginate solutions and nanoparticles of silver, synthetized with original technology. The products will be used for treating of deep, necrotic, infected, and heavily exuding wounds and will be manufactured in various forms (such as such as films, sheets, discs, microbeads and microfibers. Controlled release of silver nanoparticles with antibacterial effect, combined with high absorbency of alginate hydrogel, prevents infection and enables faster regeneration of the tissue. In collaboration with Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculty, University of Belgrade, this project is in the testing phase in order to be compared with the characteristics of popular commercial products.

“Startup Battle of the Cities” is a traditional competition held during the IdeaLab! Conference, with the aim of bringing together entrepreneurs, innovative companies and investors from all over the world. This year 12 participants, including companies from New York, Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo, Paris, Moscow and Oslo, took part.

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