COPRIX Media’s “Interactive Mathematics” Soon in All the Schools in Serbia

Posted in: News- Feb 03, 2014

Company COPRIX Media that developed an application InterActive Mathematics under the Innovation Fund Mini Grants Program, signed Memorandum of understanding with, Textbooks Office/Zavod za udzbenike, Public Company in the field of publishing textbooks.

InterActive Mathematics is an ultimate mathematics learning system that combines game-like application with real-world physics simulation and touch-sensitive devices to make the abstract mathematical concepts comprehensive and interesting to children.

The largest publishing house in the Republic of Serbia recognizes their quality and innovation of the company COPRIX Media. This Memorandum establishes and defines the framework of future business cooperation on developing digital educational content, the distribution of COPRIX Media products, as well to the implementation of COPRIX Media products in schools on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Goal of this cooperation is to set new boundaries in the field of education of the youngest, through the synergy of fun and formal education, with a tendency not only to reach, but also setting new global standards.

COPRIX Media is creating innovative and fun systems for learning. What looks like a simple game, at the back-end is actually data-driven, scientifically based, expert-developed, tested and approved certified learning system. COPRIX Media is creator of, “InterActive Spelling Book” an award-winning language learning system, developed with a full cooperation of Faculty for Serbian Language and Teachers’ Faculty. It combines game-like application and touch-sensitive devices to make alphabet letters familiar and memorable to children.