An innovative pneumatic system for green pruning conceptual solution of “Unitehna Alati” company

Posted in: News- Apr 27, 2015

Because of high cost of labor on agricultural households, specialized machinery get more relevance while devices for green pruning are present for dozens of years on the world market. All manufacturers of appliances for green pruning are using hydraulic system to manage and run device. Analyzing the shortcomings of these devices, the „Unitehna Alati“ companies’ experienced staff have come to better technical solutions.

With the support by the Innovation Fund’s Mini Grants Program, through the project “Vine / fruit green pruning device” the company „Unitehna Alati“ is developing a new, cost-effective device for green pruning that has improved characteristics in terms of the optimal vision field, accuracy of cutting and respond to commands. The prototype of this device is manufactured and testing is in progress.

Devices for green pruning that are using the hydraulic drive have many shortcomings: large dimensions and weight of additional equipment, system complexity, lack of precision and speed of response during the changes of orientation, heating of oil at higher workloads, very long assembly process for putting in operation, the position of the working area is outside the optimal visibility zone, high price of the product, complex maintenance, non-conformity with bigger slopes areas. All mentioned shortcomings are very important for small agricultural producers, with smaller plantations (up to 3 ha). Large agriculture producers are finding the profitability by better work organization and services, as well as large surfaces of plantations, which provide rentability of these devices.

Using the innovative pneumatic control system, instead of traditional hydraulic solutions significant improvements were made – the device is easily adaptable to different models of tractors, 50% is easier and cheaper than competing products. Solution of problem was found by changing the drive and control system, since the hydraulics was ejected. The device receives mechanical energy (torque) from the tractor output driveshaft. Launching of the cutting assembly is provided with the transmission of rotating to oscillatory movement. The efficiency of pruning is the same as with the other – hydraulic drive – systems.

The company „Unitehna Alati“ has focused its capabilities on the market that has smaller plantations in the hilly fields with a higher slope gradient. Besides that, there is also a slight presence of green pruning devices in the region: Croatian, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia. By this way, the company „Unitehna Alati“ has defined its future market space.  In addition, the company „Uniteha Alati“ filed for national patent and is planning to protect intellectual property internationally.

“Due to significantly less of equipment and simplicity of operation we have achieved about 50% lower cost (standard built-in components and process of making) compared to devices with hydraulics. The lower price includes the same comparative quality of installed components and labor costs as well as for the competitive devices. Servicing, maintenance and operating with the device is simple. The device has no supporting equipment as is required by hydraulic systems and therefore the whole system weighs up to 50% less. This offers greater suitability for fields with bigger slopes.”, said Bojan Dobrosavljević, director of „Uniteha Alati“.