The Innovation Fund supports the development of application for fruit growers

Posted in: News- May 04, 2017

Čačak, May 3, 2017 – Application predicting the yield of fruits will be developed by the researchers of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak, with the support of the Innovation Fund within the TTF Program, following the signage of the commercialization agreement yesterday.

Faculty Dean Prof. Nebojsa Mitrovic, the designer of the application Dr. Marija Blagojevic and the  Innovation Fund’s Interim Managing Director Ivan Rakonjac signed the Agreement, marking the official start of the EUR 11,500 six-month project.

The application will enable fruit producers to get valuable projections about their crops by entering parameters such as the amount of supplements, thickness and length of the branches, and make informed decisions about the growth process based on this input.

Being very user-friendly will is one of the application’s upsides. “To use the application requires no special IT knowledge, which I believe farmers will appreciate, apart from it providing more accurate production planning,” says Dr. Blagojevic.

Blagojevic’s invention has already stirred foreign partners’ to further develop and implement it.

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