From an Idea to the Innovation

Posted in: News- Apr 07, 2017

Belgrade, April 7, 2017 – The meeting “From an Idea to the Innovation“, held today at the Serbia Academy of Arts and Sceinces, is designed to be a productive exchange of experiences between international experts with proven record of merging R&D with the societal goals and Serbian stakeholders in the domain of the integration of education and science into the market driven economy.

The topics that were discussed and later integrated into the strategy of technological development of Serbia are: 1) how to bring diverse talent together to spark new ideas, 2) how to foster innovative strategies, eliminating obstacles, and managing risk, 3) how to ensure that innovation remains a strategic priority, 4) how to drive innovation across the organization, 5) how to hire and find a partner for successful innovation, and 6) how to measure success in achieving innovation goals?

The Innovation fund took part in the section titled „The governmental assistance to the idea to innovation process and presented its portfolio of programs. The session brought together the University, the Chamber of Commerce and the Technology Park representatives, who discussed the the impact of the SMEs, big business, and state companies to the overall economy, with the focus on what are the necessary steps in the transformation of the educational and research system to match the needs, as well as on the pitfalls and possible mitigation methods to match the EU standards.