Hydraulic Cylinder-Capsules with longer exploitation cycle in ironworks systems

Posted in: News- Nov 12, 2013

Just one year after the birth of Angros’ idea for “Hydraulic Cylinder Capsule for Hydropresses” project, the new type of capsule was presented at the Belgrade’s Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements. The prototype has an innovative system of protection against intrusion of impurities into the piston, which significantly increases its exploitation period.

After the Fair, steel and copper plants Železara Smederevo and Valjaonica bakra Sevojno came up as the first potential buyers on the domestic market. Negotiations with Železara Smederevo are under way.

 SANVI, the mother company of Angros, signed with the Company Stroj Mas Servis a cooperation agreement worth EUR 2 million.

Russia’s largest manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders Stroj Mas Servis already made an offer and the production will start after the completion of quality tests.