Get your Slush 2017 ticket – pitch your idea at the local competition

Posted in: News- Jul 26, 2017

The local Slush competition, held annually since 2015, offers Serbia’s startups the opportunity to present their ideas in the field of sustainable innovation and to qualify for participation in the ten-day Slush Global Impact Accelerator  (GIA) program and the two-day Slush Conference held in November and December in Helsinki (Finland). Slush Conference, one of the largest of its kind in Europe, provides the opportunity for startups to pitch to investors and companies, while the Accelerator program gives them the opportunity to improve their skills and business ideas.

Local Slush competition will be held in Belgrade on September 6, at the Science Technology Park Belgrade. Embassy of Finland in the Republic of Serbia and Innovation Fund invite startups to apply for the local competition by September 1st  here:

The theme of this year’s competition is sustainable innovation. Ideal candidates will have the vision for solving pressing challenges globally (there are no limitations in terms of sector or geographical focus ); have potential for growth; skills and drive to succeed; a business idea that has gained some traction, but can still is in an early phase, as well as a working prototype. The working language of the competition is English.

At the local competition, the jury will select three teams, and Finnish experts will choose the winner among them. Serbia is one of 20 countries worldwide organizing local Slush competitions during the summer. The winners of the previous two competitions were Neopix with the game for mobile platforms They Mean Well and OrganicNet with an online platform that connects organic food producers and those who want to live and feed healthy. Both companies participated in the Slush Conference in Helsinki and the Slush Global Impact Accelerator.

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