Finnish Experts Decided: Three Serbian Teams go to Slush 2017

Posted in: News- Oct 09, 2017

Finnish experts decided that three teams from Serbia – Mindy, Sunthetic and Urbigo – won the unique chance of taking part in the programme Global Impact Accelerator 2017 and the Slush 2017 conference to be held in Helsinki in November and December. This year, Finnish experts decided that all three teams participate in the Accelerator Program and the Slush Conference, instead of one, as has been the practice so far.

UrbiGo ( produces smart vertical gardens, made out of recycled and sustainable materials, where plants can grow all year round, while the progress of cultivation is monitored through a mobile application.

Sunthetic ( is focused on the concept of sustainable energy for the future and primarily designs solar-powered products. Thus, the company strives to incorporate sustainable energy principles into the day-to-day practices of people and their devices.

Mindy ( is dedicated to treating ADHD and Child obesity through play. By combining outdoor physical activity with handpicked cognitive skills tests, they provide fun and effective way in treating these issues.

Serbia is one of 20 countries worldwide organizing local Slush competitions. Nineteen start-ups took part in the local competition this year, with the ideas they are developing in the field of sustainable innovation. The local Slush competitions, held annually since 2015, were organized by Innovation Fund and Embassy of Finland in Belgrade.

The Slush conference, one of the largest of its kind in Europe, offers start-ups the opportunity to present themselves to a large number of investors and companies, while the Accelerator programme provides a chance to improve their skills and business models.