Euroheat’s Market Conquest Continues

Posted in: News- Jan 27, 2014

Company Euroheat that developed plate and shell heat exchangers during the project funded by the Innovation Fund’s Mini Grants Program, continues to conquer the market.

Euroheat introduced a range of new products to domestic as well as foreign markets. Following initial sales agreements with a number of companies – the Italian company Nuova Imas, Meggle from Kragujevac, Petrochemical from Pancevo, TE Kostolac from Kostolac and several Serbian power plants, this trend continues. The market response was highly favorable, as new products have filled the gap that existed on the market. Existing customers have immediately recognized positive aspects of the new product range and potential customers got acquainted with products’ advantages through a series of seminars.

Product line that was developed, using the Innovation Fund funds, was granted a trading mark “P” and it has already been installed in customers’ production facilities including those of dairy producers and chemical industry companies. Plate and shell heat exchangers have been introduced to EU market as well, more specifically to Greek, Slovenian and Italian markets.

 Due to the experience with the Innovation Fund, Euroheat is considering introducing a new line of products based on exchangers that have been developed during the project “Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers”.