Euro Heat Launched New Heat Exchangers

Posted in: News- Sep 16, 2013

Euro Heat from Kragujevac has first results of commercialization of its new product – plate heat exchangers developed with the co-financing through the Mini Grants Program of the Innovation Fund.

Euro Heat, engaged in the development and production of air conditioning and ventilation equipment for the industry, with its innovation attracted potential customers and already agreed terms of sale of these exchangers with company Nuova Imas from Italy, Meggle from Kragujevac, Pancevo Petrochemical, TE Kostolac from Kostolac and several power plants in Serbia. The exceptional characteristics of the new product and affordable price allow this product to be competitive in the market. The product will be in the near future on the markets in other countries of the European Union and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The project is funded within the Mini Grants Program enabled prototype development and testing, as well as product certification in accordance with applicable EU and national guidelines

The main advantages compared with competing products include simplified design, manufacture, installation and maintenance, and the possibility of designing large heat loads (up to 100,000 kW), compact design – easy to transport and assemble, reduced the number of shutters – cheaper and faster production, ability to be used in almost all industries. Today, the company Euro Heat is the only manufacturer of this type of heat exchanger in Southern Europe.