Envigo Software – Efficient System for Environmental Impact Assessment

Posted in: News- Dec 17, 2014

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a long and complex process, and it is legally mandatory for a large number of investment proposals. Despite the clear demand for specific computerized service which would bring benefits to environmental experts, as of now there is no single integral software being offered on the market. Motivated by the large market potential, with an aspiration to facilitate the work of specialists and eventually contribute to the advancement of the assessment process, Eon plus (Eon+) has created unique web based software (SaaS) Envigo that has been funded by the Mini Grants program of the Serbian Innovation Fund, which is set to fulfill these tasks.

The key innovative elements of Envigo software are original methods for impact evaluation and a vast logically structured database of potential impacts on environment. Envigo software evaluates previously identified impacts, based on experts’ simple answers and original formulae. The obtained numerical results may be presented in various forms such as different diagrams, charts and tables, while the software calculates certain statistical data. This powerful visualization tools facilitate the expert’s analysis and definition of mitigation measures.  At the end of each EIA phase, software generates high-quality reports that can be directly submitted to Competent Authorities. In all, Envigo is significantly improving the EIA process, making it more objective, systematic and controllable, which brings significant cost reductions to customers – EIA specialists.

The first commercial version of the Envigo software is completed and ready for launch in the Serbian market. First users in the Serbian market, early adopters, will be carefully selected, with the aim to gather as much as possible relevant data, users’ comments and general feedback. This information will be used for further product improvements and development, both for the Serbian version and EU countries’ versions, soon to come.

The fact that EIA is mandatory for a large number of investment projects, with a clear demand for specific computerized tools of environmental experts, as well as the general lack of direct competition, opens a large market potential for Envigo software in Europe and worldwide. The company has established first contacts with Norwegian investors, while presenting Envigo on the prestigious investors’ forum Seed Forum in Oslo.

“Our long term mission is to upgrade Envigo to an expert system platform for environmental protection, offering a package of software applications (potentially including products of partnership companies). By reaching that goal, hopefully we would make an incremental contribution to environmental protection and create a positive impact.” Stated Nikola Nikačević, Eon Plus’ s Founder and CEO.