Eipix Entertainment the Principal Leader in Electronic Entertainment

Posted in: News- Jan 26, 2015

Eipix entertainment is a company specialized in development of HOPA (hidden object puzzle adventure) video games and it operates in the field of casual video gaming, developed specifically to offer games for relaxation and fun. In a relatively short time period, Eipix managed to significantly advance in this field thanks to its hard work and dedication. With fifteen games for PC and Mac computers developed only in 2014, Eipix became the most successful developer of this type of video games on the global market.

As a company that devotedly follows worldwide trends, Eipix set sights upon a new goal – the development of what is currently considered to be the most profitable field of video games – “Free to Play” (“F2P”) market. The business strategy of this kind of games is quite innovative – the initial version of the game is offered to the customers for free, but as they progress through the levels, they are introduced to different strategies of advance through payment. The developer therefore applies different models of commercialization in order to gain profit.

“Innovation Fund plays a key role in this undertaking, as certain steps could not have been taken without a concrete support we received for our project Creating Worlds. Being in the right place at the right time with the right product represents the ultimate success conditions for every company working on the mercilessly turbulent market of electronic entertainment”, stated Igor Zarol, the financial director and Eipix board member.

The first Eipix free to play video game “Free the Witch” is temporary going through the so called soft launch phase, which means the game has a limited release for testing, before the official release. The goal of this project is to broaden the company’s activity to other fields, gaining new consumers as well as hiring more talented people. By releasing a F2P game, Eipix will have a significantly bigger number of consumers, not to mention the offer of a new product to the loyal customers.

A solid storyline is a crucial element of a good HOPA game, so Eipix entertainment assembled a product that takes the best elements both from the world of storytelling and gameplay. Mechanics of the game is very simple and easy to understand, while on the other side player is going through a very interesting story that takes place in parallel, which is not typical for the genre called “match 3″ game where “Free The Witch” belongs. All the products are released on the worldwide market, therefore “Free the Witch” will search for audience in all parts of the world.

Eipix entertainment is working relentlessly to offer a product that can represent the always sought influx of novelty on the market overwhelmed with products that have no other goal than to simply earn money. However, entertainment is the decisive factor for Eipix and considers an obligation to put the player in the center of the game, with a vision to create a product that will make all the consumers happy. If this proves to be successful, the financial success will surely follow.