Desing – Revolution in fruit preparation

Posted in: News- Dec 04, 2013

Company Desing in the best way shows how constant investment in development of innovative products can be an initiator of a small family company growth, now known as one of the leaders in fruit preparation industry in this part of Europe. Within the new project, the company is establishing pilot aseptic plant for fruit processing, in order to produce high quality fruit preparations and expand its business to fruit yoghurt market using completely innovative technology. Potential of this project was recognized by Innovation Fund and the financing was approved in the IF’s first cycle of Matching Grants Program, in November 2012.

Company was founded in 1992 by family Tomic, with concept of production and distribution of additives being the main focus of business. Due to the constant development of products and improvement of internal processes, in a very short time this company was able to expand its business and ensure its place on different markets. Beside continuous improvement of production technology inside the company, Desing collaborates with many R&D institutions and international partners for the purpose of constant improvement of its products.

Today, the company’s business is beyond national, and beside rich selection of products, Desing can also offer products that are custom made according to requests of its partners. Desing’s product range include fruit pastes for ice-cream industry, chocolate and caramel toppings, bakery fillings, post-mix dispenser syrups, fruit bases and concentrates for non-alcoholic beverage industry, and its business also include production and distribution of natural colors and flavors.

Desing has implemented all of the quality standards that are being used in food industry, which enabled the cooperation with world known companies. In 2001, Desing became the supplier for ice-cream and shake toppings and dressings for “McDonald’s” in Serbia and in 2007 Desing got the status of main supplier for “Nestle ice-cream”. On domestic market, Desing also cooperates with ”Knjaz Milos”, “Frikom”, and “Medela”.

As confirmation that this company follows up with innovations and actively is involved in projects, Desing is participating in EU FP7 project, AQUAVALENS – Protecting the health of Europeans by improving methods for the detection of pathogens in drinking water and water used in food preparation, which was approved by European Commission and financed from the EU funds.