Chromosome Group – automated device for filling, sealing and packaging plastic containers with liquid fertilizers

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Chromosome Group is a young company founded in 2012. Their primary line of operations is research and development of agricultural technologies, specializing in areas of biotechnology and mechanical engineering.

Marko Kostić, the founder of the company, is an agricultural engineer and PhD student who designed the prototype of an automated device for filling, sealing and packaging of plastic straw-like containers with liquid fertilizer for nutrition of potted house plants. One of the distinct advantages of this innovation are  the micro filters integrated into tubes system which enables prolonged release of balanced concentrations of fertilizer, water and other protective substances into the soil, near plant roots. The plastic container is designed in a way that prevents users from having direct contact with the liquid fertilizer which increases safety while handling plant nutrients.

In the near future, Chromosome Group will launch their innovative product in the market under the trade name of “Duo Click” which aims to become a synonym for “quality, user and environment friendliness”. The application of this device is not limited to the agricultural sector only, but it has vast potential to be used in various other industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Last year, Chromosome Group made additional improvements to the existing prototype device, which was instituted under the Mini Grants Program through the Innovation Fund. These improvements include development of a more advanced and technologically complex device which will increase future production capacity and improve efficiency as well as consistency of final products’ quality.

On the long term basis, the goal of the Company’s founder is to further intensify research activities in the Company and continue with the development of advanced and  innovative agricultural technologies.