Chinese intellectual property office visits Innovation Fund

Posted in: News- Apr 13, 2017

Belgrade, April 13, 2017 – A delegation from the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China visited the Science and Technology Park (STP) and the Innovation Fund today, as part of their two-day study visit to Serbia. The visit is organized and hosted by the Intellectual Property Institute of Serbia.

The Innovation Fund presented the results of it programs in the segment of IP protection, stressing its role in raising awareness about the importance of IP, as well as the practical assistance it provides to innovators in this domain.

The delegation is here to get acquainted with the intellectual property system in Serbia: patent protection, trademark protection, design protection, appellation of origin, and the activities of the Center of education and information of the IPO, as well as to acquaint their Serbian counterparts with the intellectual property system in China. Last year alone, this institution approved 1 m patents.

Objectives of the visit to the STP and the Innovation Fund are to provide information on the STP regarding functioning and the role in developing links between industry and science and research organizations and universities, knowledge transfer, new technology development, innovation commercialization, networking and stimulating growth in the knowledge-based economy.