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Collaborative Grant Scheme Program

Collaborative Grant Scheme Program (Program) is designed to incentivize private sector companies and public sector R&D organizations to engage in joint R&D projects with the goal of creating new products and services, as well as innovative technologies with significant future impact and market potential.

With this Program, the Innovation Fund aims to provide financial assistance to innovative technological projects with clear vision of development and defined business model and commercialiyation strategy.

Amount of financing::

  • up to EUR 300.000, or up to 70% of the total approved project budget

a minimum of 30% of the total approved project budget is to be provided by the enterprise

Eligibility criteria:

  • A consortium consisting of at least one micro, small or meddium-sized enterprise and at least one public R&D organization that comply with the eligibility criteria as described in Collaborative Grant Scheme Program Manual
  • Consortium can consists of maximum 5 members

Field of science and technology/Industry sector: projects can originate from any field of science and technology and can belong to any industry sector

Duration of the projects: up to 24 months

Application Documentation and Program conditions are described in detailes in the Collbaorative Grant Scheme Program Manual

Call for Proposals  is open from October 3 until December 28, 2018 until 15h. 

Financing decision: The final decision for financing under the Collaborative Grant Scheme Program is made by the Innovation Fund’s independent Investment Committee on a competitive basis.

Contact: cgs@inovacionifond.rs