Republic of Serbia joins Enterprise Innovation Fund

Posted in: News- Jun 22, 2017

The Government of Serbia signed an Agreement to join the Enterprise Innovation Fund (ENIF) as a Limited Partner. Serbian Government joins ENIF in the subsequent closing, bringing the total fund size to more than EUR 41M available for investments in early stage technology companies in the Western Balkans. ENIF is an equity fund aimed to support [...]

Innovation Fund relaunches its two successful programs for Serbian SMEs

Posted in: News- Jun 01, 2017

The Innovation Fund has officially renewed its two hallmark programs for the support to innovative entrepreneurs today – the Mini Grants Program and Matching Grants Program

Sweet cabbage from Serbia ready for international markets

Posted in: News- May 18, 2017

A new variety of cabbage is the subject of cooperation agreement between the Innovation Fund and the Institute for of Vegetable Crops in Smederevska Palanka. The contract was signed as part of the TTF Program with the aim of the protection and commercialization of this new variety.

The Innovation Fund supports the development of application for fruit growers

Posted in: News- May 04, 2017

Application predicting the yield of fruits will be developed by the researchers of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak, with the support of the Innovation Fund within the TTF Program, following the signage of the commercialization agreement yesterday.

Chocolate, the ultimate health food

Posted in: News- Apr 20, 2017

In December 2016, the Innovation Fund awarded 14 innovative projects within the Grant Scheme Program. We will be following their development in the coming months. Today, we present the functional chocolate project, by Eugen Chocolate and Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad.

Chinese intellectual property office visits Innovation Fund

Posted in: News- Apr 13, 2017

A delegation from the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China visited the Science and Technology Park (STP) and the Innovation Fund today, as part of their two-day study visit to Serbia.

Eipix Entertainment, a global player

Posted in: News- Apr 10, 2017

Eipix Entertainment, young gaming company from Novi Sad, received a EUR 70,880 grant from the Innovation Fund in 2014, as part of the Mini Grants Program, for its project „Creating Worlds“

From an Idea to the Innovation

Posted in: News- Apr 07, 2017

The meeting “From an Idea to the Innovation”, held today at the Serbia Academy of Arts and Sceinces, is designed to be a productive exchange of experiences between international experts with proven record of merging R&D with the societal goals and Serbian stakeholders in the domain of the integration of education and science into the market driven economy.

Mushrooms and knowledge nursery: the Innovation Fund taught us to value ourselves

Posted in: News- Mar 27, 2017

The series opens with Ekofungi, bio-innovative spinoff from Padinska Skela.

Innovation is the best investment for the state

Posted in: News- Mar 17, 2017

The government is not an innovation player, but an innovation enabler: it has to provide a framework in which innovations are to develop, says Shuki Gleitman, an Israeli innovation expert, in his lecture delivered today at the Science and Technology Park Belgrade.