BSK Ideal Solution for Unique Way of Berry Harvesting

Posted in: News- Feb 23, 2015

The Company BSK doo Obrenovac constructed the Air Berry Harvester „KOKAN 500S“, which significantly improves the technology of agricultural machinery in the field of harvesting berries and contributes to reduction in the production costs. Air Berry Harvester is a completely domestic product, intended to harvest plantation fruits of raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and currant. Design, development, production, installation and validation on the field as well as the tests were conducted with help from experts and institutions in the Republic of Serbia. Using pulsed air for harvesting fruits from gender branches of the plant, air berry harvester keeps the plant from physical damage, helps to protect plants from disease, resulting in a higher quality and cheaper fruit.

The goal of project “Air Berry Harvester”, which is funded through the Innovation Fund Matching Grants Program is to develop serial (commercial) prototype of air berry harvester which will be patented globally and is based on the current (patented) prototype “Kokan 500S”. This way the company BSK doo wants to conquer independently local-regional markets, and also to go into the global market with adequate marketing-financial-technical support of potential business partners to make the air berry harvester “Kokan 500S” number one product in harvesting berries.

A self-air berry harvester „KOKAN 500S” towed by tractor, has been successfully applied to many types and varieties of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and currants in different locations in Serbia and abroad. Ideal solution by BSK doo is thatby using air berry harvester “Kokan 500S”, remove the major problems that are present in both manual and mechanical harvesting fruit, with technology used by the competition.

Air berry harvester “Kokan 500S” uses the force of air currents to pick off the fruits of the plant, purify them from dry leaves and twigs, and place it in crates for storage of fruit. It has a diesel motor for reliable starting of all mechanisms on the harvester. Different types and varieties of berry fruits are harvested by simply regulating the speed and the number of air pulsations. The percentage of harvested fruit is 95%, the percentage of bulk fruit is 2%, and in addition to this there is no damage to the plant and fruit.

Model “KOKAN 500S” which was developed within the project “Air Berry Harvester” won the Grand Gold Medal at the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad in 2014.

There have been attempts to develop technology of air harvesting in the world, where American and Argentine companies have gone the furthest.  However, nobody has managed to “pack up” technology into a commercial product available to a wider market at an affordable price. Trends of berry harvesting  in the whole world move towards mechanized harvesting due to increasingly expensive workforce pickers, the lack of it, plantation-fragmentation, globalization and increasing competitiveness, as well as new, high standards of quality of food security and target markets.

Potential markets for BSK’s ”Air Berry Harvester” “KOKAN 500S” is the Balkan region, the countries of Europe and North America. Potential buyers are large individual farmers (producers who have more than 5 hectares of fruit plantations), fruit associations and fruit processors (colds) with its own plantations.

“Buyers from South America, Argentina and Chile are interested in our berry harvester. There is a great interest from plantation owners who use the ‘hand-picking’ to buy our air berry harvester. Significantly lower price than the mechanical harvesters combined with the advantages provided by the air berry harvester is a major motive for these producers for purchase., said Marko Kokanovic, BSK Director General.