“Brides2bride” Changes the World of Weddings

Posted in: News- Feb 09, 2015

ICT start-up “365ads” through project “Brides2bride” develops a platform for wedding organization where former brides help to organize the wedding for future brides. By using this platform, future brides will no longer need several excel spreadsheets, dozens of open tabs with various councils, stressed searches with overcrowded address book, confusion in communication with the companies that participate in the organization. Everything is gathered in one place.

Wedding industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. According to statistics, market value is over a hundred billion dollars per year and still growing. Unlike other areas, technology is only now getting into this industry. Even the number of available applications is small. The goal of this company is to introduce new technologies into the industry – a platform for wedding organization, smart bracelet, and virtual reality to help in wedding organization.

“The pace of development of new technologies seems faster than ever. Exactly a huge potential of the industry gives us the necessary enthusiasm for further work and development of even more innovative technology. We believe that this extremely useful and easily usable software that we develop can be of invaluable help for future brides wherever they are. We are very grateful to the Innovation Fund, which has enabled us to develop our platform “Brides2bride”, to put together our dream team and to work on technology that will change the world of weddings. “, said Nikola Vučićević, CEO of 365ads.

The company is currently in closed beta stage and testing the platform with a smaller number of users, as well as in the process of preparing an application for a patent. In the coming weeks, that number will increase and the launch and start of work will follow. Expected deadline is the end of February.

If they achieve the planned, this young team will change the way weddings were organized so far. It is the wedding related work that taught them to always have a plan A, B and C. All three plans/products can potentially change the industry. Existing products and applications are mostly copies of previous with visual improvements. However, the company “365ads” takes a different approach, a different business model and concept. Weddings are an area where everything is being built and maintained for decades, centuries, and each change is initially difficult to accept.