The best local ideas for global change Slush competition in Belgrade

Posted in: News- Sep 28, 2018

Belgrade, Wednesday, 26 September 2018 – At the fourth local Slush competition organized by the Finnish Embassy and the Innovation Fund, the competitors continuing to the next round included: DigiKmet (agriculture), InSono (ICT) and Box System (packaging production). Finnish experts will decide on the winner, who will win the unique chance of taking part in the Helsinki BootCamp programme and the Slush 2018 conference to be held in Helsinki in November and December. Eleven start-ups took part in the competition, with the ideas they are developing in the field of sustainable innovation.

The competition was held at the Scientific and Technological Park “Belgrade”, and was opened by Saša Lazović, Assistant Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, H.E. Pertti Ikonen, Ambassador of Finland to the Republic of Serbia, and Ivan Rakonjac, Director of the Innovation Fund.

The Slush Conference, one of the largest of its kind in Europe, is an opportunity for start-ups to present themselves to many investors and companies, while BootCamp enables them to improve their skills and business ideas. Last year, this two-day conference brought together 20,000 visitors from 130 countries, including more than 2,600 start-ups and 1,600 investors. This year, the Slush Conference will be held on 4 and 5 December.

Teams entering the final round:

DigiKmet (Agriculture) has a flexible software-hardware solution DK BOX that helps control the micro-climate in a closed or open environment. DK BOX can control watering, temperature and additive control. The basic solution can completely control the climate in one greenhouse, but it can easily be upgraded to control two, three or more greenhouses with different plant crops.

innSono (ICT) is engaged in creating an advanced monitoring system in the sound-based industry, which includes quality control, failure detection and preventive maintenance of machines. Creating innovation in the industry, InnSono contributes to achieving the goals of sustainable development. Using artificial intelligence-based algorithms and specific data acquisition sensors, SONO IQ enables timely detection of faults, critical states, or machine failures. By solving real-time problems, SONO IQ improves the process of industrial control and allows more responsible use of resources.

Box System (production of wooden packaging) offers a WooBox solution made of wood and wool and is used to transport fresh foods that require certain temperature conditions. In this way, WooBox intends to play an important role in the food delivery process (changing large styrofoam packages in which food is delivered to restaurants, open markets and large retailers).