“Axon – Intelligent Systems” Novel Spoken Dialogue Application for Smart Phones

Posted in: News- Sep 15, 2013

The drastic change in interaction between mobile phone users and their devices – brought on by modern speech technologies in both business and personal activities – inspired the company “Axon – Intelligent Systems” to develop their application called “Spoken Dialogue Systems in Smart Phones”. After 12 months of implementation, the company successfully created a multimodal dialogue system with special focus on spoken dialogue, using high quality speech technologies developed for South Slavic languages, including Serbian. The current trend of using keyboard, mouse and touchscreen as input devices could be soon rendered obsolete, and Axon’s application allows the users to enjoy a complete multimedia experience while using voice to control smart phone devices. This opens a spectrum of possibilities for further application of this technology on a much broader market.

All application is currently in its beta testing phase, while negotiations with mobile service providers for distribution of the application to its end users are ongoing.  The application will be available to future users via Google Play Store.

The project “Application of Spoken Dialogue Systems in Smart Phones” was completed owing to the Innovation Fund’s financial support through the Mini Grants Program. Within the project, the company chose to use the funds allocated to company-specific training to visit a San Francisco (USA) “The Mobile Voice Conference” , which was attended by global industry leaders from this field and designed to highlight cutting edge speech technology applications for mobile platforms. The company successfully acquainted itself with most of the conference’s participants through direct contact and initiated several cooperation negotiations. Penetrating the global market through active cooperation with Nuance, Google, Rubidium and others, as well as AVIOS’s representative for Europe would significantly contribute towards company’s growth.

Axon – Intelligent Systems” is a spin-off company from the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Novi Sad, is a successful example of technology transfer from academia. . Axon’s market positioning and open interest from major global IT companies are a direct testament to Axon’s new spoken dialog system being indeed among the top worldwide applications of this type.