Posted in: News- Jan 29, 2018

Thanks to the integration into the Agrivi platform, “Agrotef” calculator for predicting apricot and apple yield, will be available to farmers in Serbia, and in the future, to users in more than 150 countries worldwide. The importance of the calculator for farmers is reflected in the possibility of planning future work in order to achieve the corresponding yield. Using artificial neural networks, the calculator is based on the initial input data parameters like harvest date, the existence of the irrigation system, the number of pesticide treatments, types of pruning, soil maintenance, average annual temperature, and as a result it predicts the annual yield of fruit crops.

The Faculty of Technical Sciences in Cacak, where the calculator was made and the company Agrivi, signed a license agreement based on which this calculator is integrated into Agrivi software that is used worldwide. The license agreement provides users of the Agrivi platform the opportunity to try the solution Agrotef for free, and by doing so, significantly improve the process of production, warehousing and placement of products. The calculator development, by professor Marija Blagojevic from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Cacak, within the project “Intelligent Fruit Crop Predicting System”, is supported through the Technology Transfer Program of the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia. Through the Technology Transfer Office in the Fund, this project is supported with EUR 11.500 that are used to upgrade the software and its integration into the Agrivi platform. In addition, the Fund’s expert team identified this opportunity on the market and defined the structure of the license agreement between the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Cacak and Agrivi, and enabled this product to be presented to companies in Serbia, and later on the global market.

“Cooperation with Agrivi Ltd increases the visibility of the solution and creates the possibility for clients from different continents to use the application. Feedback about the application enables continuous development on it, with the ability to include new prediction modules. The signed license agreement as the beginning of a cooperation with Agrivi Ltd creates an environment for further cooperation, through the creation of new modules for helping agricultural producers. The Fund played a key role in establishing contact and cooperation with Agrivi Ltd, helped us establish a contractual relationship that I hope will be useful both for Agrivi and for the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Cacak.”, said PhD Marija Blagojevic from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Cacak.

“We at Agrivi are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to include science and scientists in the improvement and development of our agricultural software. We are always open to cooperation, and we especially strive to build relationships and implement projects with experts and professors working in the field of agriculture. We realize how important the connection of an IT company like Agrivi is with educational institutions because the big reach of academic achievement leads to a faster resolution of the global food problem in the world. A good example is our cooperation with the Faculty of Cacak and docent PhD, Marija Blagojevic. This cooperation will benefit all farmers in Serbia who will have the opportunity to use Agrivi agricultural software and Agrotef calculator to calculate yields of apple and apricot. The users will certainly be listened to and the calculator will be upgraded according to the needs of the farmers”, said Matija Zulj, CE of Agrivi, an AgTech company based in the UK, which has Croatian roots and a global reach to more than 150 countries worldwide.

Agrivi has developed a farm management software, that is translated into 17 world languages, and is helping farmers achieve sustainable and profitable production. More than 40,000 farmers around the world have recognized its value and started using Agrivi to improve their production.


Through the Technology Transfer Program, implemented by the central Technology Transfer Office established as an organizational unit within the Fund, as a part of the project “Research, innovation, and technology transfer support in Serbia”, which is financed through the pre-accession funds of the European Union for 2013. The project is intended for public scientific research institutions in Serbia with a goal to provide support for further development of research that has commercial potential with the aim of finding partners in the private sector and placing their innovations on the market.